Art Direction

McCain Foods Italy

Adv Campaign | Photoshoot

McCain Foods, the world leading company in the potatoes and refrigerated food market. As a family-owned company, they care about using simple ingredients in their products. They have several branch scattered around the world, one of them is in Italy.
McCain Foods bistro chips served in a bowl



McCain Foods Italy  asked for the design of a new advertisement campaign to be launched on magazines, underground billboards, buses and Metro Cash & Carry website. They also wanted the photoshoot of their stand at the TuttoFood fair in Milan to be part of the campaign, asking me to unify the vision of the whole production.



I have been asked to work on a brad spectrum advertisement campaign, displaying content on Metro Cash&Carry website, some sector magazines and buses.

The Metro Cash&Carry campaign was based on the idea that potatoes have a rustic nature and because of that, they can be more tasty, especially when sprinkled with coarse pepper and salt.

I designed some digital assets using dark stone slab as background and white charcoal to write texts. The dark background also allowed the golden yellow of potatoes to sand out. Black, white and yellow are McCain brand colours.


I directed the TuttoFood fair photography. The people that waved life into the stand tasting lots of potatoes were shot in street photography style. Fries and chips were presented and photographed in gourmet-like style. The dark stone slab where each composition was layed down, has been chosen to provide the same coarse falvour used in the Metro Cash&Carry adv campaign.

My Role

As art director I have been in charge of the visual production, with the clear intent of uinifying it on a common ground. I decided about visual elements, the overall campaign style and devised the concepts before converting them into graphic design solutions. I made sure McCain message for this campaign was delivered as intended by the client.

The Final Product

The advertisment campaign was sucessful. It attracted a lot of people into the TuttoFood fair stand, it also helped to consolidate the brand and to slightly increase the revenues of that quarter.

Ultimately the visual aspect of teh campaign was very appreciated by the client and by the customers.