Ux/Ui Designer | Digital Art Directior


I am an experienced Digital Designer (UX/UI design) with an extensive background in Web design, Graphic design and Video production, always looking for new challenges.

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Who I Am

I am a creative
and big-picture

As UX/UI Designer, I like to build enjoyable experiences rather than viable products.

Thanks to my broad experience, I am a creative and big-picture thinker, with a sharp eye for details. My work is driven by insights and data, but shaped by usability and brand perception.

I see UX Design as the process of optimising products to increase business value and improve the overall corporate identity.

I love to work in a cross-functionally and multi-disciplinary team.
I enjoy teaching design and coaching teams towards achieving a vision.


The digital world has changed, with an exponential evolution in the last 15 years. It has extended its tendrils beyond the boundaries of Internet, constantly reaching the user thanks to the great connectivity provided by digital products and devices.

For this reason it is imperative to understand how this world has grown, how it conditions the user and, at the same time, how the user interacts with it.

This kind of interaction, because it is not just limited to a website, but it extends to personal devices that are constantly part of our daily life, contributes to generate experiences.

Some of these experiences begin in the digital world to end into the real world, becoming something we can feel on our skin.

In a world rich of comparable products, it is the experience that makes the difference.

Making the difference also means to build a better digital product. To do so, it is fundamental to know how the digital world is evolving, what the standards are, what functionalities and patterns users expect and, most of all, what are their needs.

Speaking about digital products corresponds to speaking about user experience. The user experience determines the user’s choices.



Digital Design Lead


As User Experience and User Interface designer I am responsible for creating and maintaining the user-centred design strategy delivering research, flows, designs, prototypes, and testing solutions. Advocate for the User Experience design process and responsible for User Interface design strategies in agile environment. Lead and take overall responsibility to shape and build digital products and services as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Knowledge of the product lifecycle, using different research methodologies, developing the concept, designing the UX and UI, leading the front-end development through to delivery.


PROJECTS | Public Website | Student Hub | Staff Intranet | Dashboard | Prospectus App

JAN 2014 – JUN 2017

Digital Art Director


Providing creative visions, developing user-centred experiences, planning strategies, concepts and ideas. Delivering digital products as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Management of advertising campaigns, web sites and multimedia productions, web apps, videoclip, commercials, photo shoots and graphic design. Partner with development and production teams to build experiences.

PROJECTS | McCain Food Adv Campaign | Epson Emea Fair Stand | CEM Microwaves Adv Campaign | Caberg Helmets Product Video | Web App

OCT 2011 – DEC 2013

Senior Digital Designer


Graphic design, page layout and digital content design of teaching resources for Primary and Secondary School educational programs.

PROJECTS | Video Presentations | Math, Chemistry, History Digital books | Multimedia Content

JAN 2011 – SEP 2011

Senior Creative Designer


Providing creative solutions for cosmetic packaging design. Photoshoots and and video commercials production, website content management.


PROJECTS | Graphic Design for Hotels | Photoshoots for cosmetic products | Branding of Cosmetic Products.

APR 2008 – DEC 2010

Graphic Designer


Graphic design, page layout and digital content design of teaching resources for Primary and Secondary School educational programs.

PROJECTS | Graphic Design for School Books

FEB 2005 – MAR 2008

Communication Designer


Videoclips and commercials production, graphic design, web design. 

PROJECTS | Brochures | Banners | Billboards | Corporate Video Clips | Web Sites

FEB 1999 – DEC 2004

Cameraman and Video Editor


Video crew member, working for news and sport. Shooting, editing and mixing video-audio materials.


PROJECTS | News, Commercials.