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IMC (Interpersonal Mindfulness Centre) is a new mindfulness centre born in Oxford that offers mindfulness courses with a focus on relationships. The centre organises Interpersonal Mindfulness groups, MBSR and MBCT courses, and promotes mindfulness in psychotherapy, collaborating with international training institutions.



As new firm, I had to design the brand and the website form scratch. The cofounders asked me for something simple, very minimalistic, in line with the mindfulness concept, but distinctive and outstanding at the same time, in order to catch the attention of the user across a very competitive market. 



After talking to the clients, considering the target market, it was clear to me that we needed a very simple but iconic brand aesthetic, made by a logo mark, the combination of a logo symbol and a word mark (or logotype). I experimented with different kind of brain and head symbols, combining them with sharp straight lines for the logo symbol, adding a sans serif extra bold logotype. The simple teal and white colour combination conveys health and relaxation.


I worked with the cofounders to figure out the website structure and content. The sitemap was kept small on purpose to ensure the website could be quickly and easily navigated, to provide a smooth user experience, leading the user through relevant information straight to the course calendar. After a research across the competitors in the area, I figured out that the winning solution, in order to compete with bigger centres, was to keep the information architecture very simple, highlighting the most specific content, giving a direct access to the booking system. Making everything handy, very responsive and user-centred, was the right choice to bring out a new reality into a very consolidated and competitive market. I sketched out some initial concepts and wireframes and discussed them with the clients to ensure that we were both on the same page.

My Role

I played the double role of UX/UI designer and Graphic designer. As UX designer I talked a lot with the cofounders in order to understand the the business, the products and the goals. I took some time to put in place a quite extensive research of the competitors in the area to study their brands, understand the market, identifying any kind of brand and web standard within the sector. 

The Final Product

The final product is a very minimalistic website, perfectly responsive and very user friendly especially for mobiles. It contributes to highlights the unique features of a very new, clean, healthy and careful brand.