Graphic Design


Fair Stand

Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and imaging-related equipment. In this particular occasion the EMEA branch took part to the Italian Textile Fair, the reference fair for high-end textile products and machinery. They displayed many fabric printing machines within a 400 sqm stand.



Epson EMEA asked for the stand exterior panels and interiors elements to be provided with a very impactful visual design. Taking part to a fabric fair, they wanted the exterior graphic of the stand being printed on fabric. That would need to work with a special printer, designing for huge dimensions working to scale.



We went through many briefings before I could start working on some ideas.

They wanted to provide the idea of combination between natural fabric and ecologic inks with the concept of machinery. Epson logo and their partners’ have to be very visible.

They asked for an outstanding design, being this joint venture a great deal for all the contracting partners.



I started working on two different ideas, keeping the natural subject at the core of my design.

First Design Option

First option was about envisaging cogs and mechanical gears, typically seen in big weaving machines, combining them with natural elements like trees.

Using all four sides of the stand, I could easily distribute the design elements on the whole printable surface, grouping them. Being tall and narrow, trees generated a bottom-top visual movement, well contrasted by the horizontal structure of the stand.

I played with Epson brand colours, blue and green, in order to emphasise the natural and eco-friendly aspects. 

Second Design Option

The second idea I worked on had the natural aspect at its core. I eliminated gears and cogs to concentrate on colours and trees.

The effect I was looking for was giving the impression that, beneath the white surface of a sterile machinery, there was a green and natural core.

I used the brushstrokes to uncover the underneath vibrant shades of green. 

Final Design

The management was happy with the two options provided, opting for the second one.

Few days before sending the whole project to print, and after several hours discussing with the printing technicians to find out the best file settings to get the best result, the Japanese headquarter came in, asking for a radical change, using the worldwide campaign concept of cosmos.

After so much work, I had to start from scratch with a new idea having universe, stars and cosmos as main concept.

With only two days time to complete the job, I opted for a big piece of blue fabric that melts into a black-blue-green galaxy.

The idea is that removing the fabric there is “still a lot to discover”, as Epson’s claim reminds us. 

My Role

As lead designer I managed all the stages of design leading it through to delivery. I discussed any creative choice with Epson EMEA management in order to have any step signed off. I also provided consultation for the graphic design of rolls-ups, prints and other stand components. 

The Final Product

The final product is a very outstanding fair stand, that cannot go unnoticed. It delivers a very strong and visual impact that highlights the prestige of a world leading brand.