Product Video

Caberg Helmets


Caberg is an Italian motorcycle helmet company established in 1974. It is one of the most renowned helmet company in the world and it was the second worldwide company to introduce the flip-up helmet on the market. Caberg has always been focusing on “smart” helmets, combining look with functionality.



Caberg wanted to create an emotional product video, showing the specific functionality of the helmet, its versatility in everyday use and in every weather condition. They waned to highlight the CASC system (air scope at the top of the helmet), showing how it was capable of conveying the air into the helmet and, at the same time, demonstrating that it was completely waterproof. 


Through a very brief storyboard we discussed with the client our idea:


  • An opening showing some glimpse of the helmet by very close shots;
  • The design phase, an old fashioned hand drawing design to highlight the importance of the human component across the process;
  • The helmet itself, worn by the rider in real every day use;
  • Focus on the CASC feature, showing how the air flows over and into the helmet, how the rain slips over without any leaking.

Due to a very restricted budget we couldn’t get access to wind tunnel or any other specific gear to generate wind or rain, and we couldn’t rely on rigs and dolly.

For this reason, after a very creative brainstorm, we opted to build a “homemade” wind tunnel and a rain machine into a photographic studio, as well as all the shoots were shot with handheld camera, applying a postproduction steady effect where necessary.

My Role

As director I managed all the stages of pre-production, production and post-production. I discussed any creative choice with the client to make any step signed off.

I superintended the building of the “homemade” wind tunnel as long as the studio setting (lights, cameras and rain machine). I edited the final cut of the video and I also interpreted the main character, being the motorbike rider.

The Final Product

The final product is an emotional and engaging video commercial. Desaturated colours provide it with a very moody and professional look. The contrast between black backgrounds and the white helmet helps to emphasise the dramatic accent.