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Surf Language is a new international company active in the areas of Culture-Sports-Tourism. They are specialised in Study Holidays Abroad & Wave Surfing. Their activities take place during the summer in Wales, Spain, France and Hawaii in suggestive ocean locations suitable for surfing. They offer holidays packages as two-week full immersion of study and surfing.



As new firm, I had to design the brand and the website form scratch. The cofounders asked me for something simple, very minimalistic, in line with the mindfulness concept, but distinctive and outstanding at the same time, in order to catch the attention of the user across a very competitive market. 



After talking to the client and doing some research into the surf world, it was clear that the brand needed to be characterised by vintage look, aesthetic that appeal your people, mostly students. We wanted to create a symbol that represented the company and its ideals of surfing and studying combined together.

I sketched out a some ideas for the logo symbol, concentrating on a central symbol surrounded by text. I wanted to make it very vintage, including a hipster taste. I started using three main elements combined in different ways: surf board, waves and books. At the same time I tried to kept the logo design as minimal as possible and paired the symbol with two different typography: a clean sans serif and a handwriting.


Content is the king and the design is tailored around it. So I explained to the cofounders how much important is the content. Once they provided it, It was clear that we basically needed a simple brochure website that outlined the main and only product offered, giving to the potential customers an easy way to understand the offer, choosing it and getting in touch.

We decided to go with a simple simple site map, based on a home page broken up into six sections, listing all the services. Links in each sections lead to a specific subpage showing the related service. I used a two-column fluid layout for each section, which stacked into a single-column layout on mobile devices. I sketched out wireframes for each section of the site to print out the basic elements, having a baseline to work from.

Because we based the user engagement on a very impacting imagery, I wanted to ensure a better user experience by responsive images, serving an appropriate-sized image to the user based on their device. I asked to the developer to implement the picture element that is a standard W3C HTML element, allowing to deliver an appropriate image to users depending on their screen size and resolution. 

My Role

I played the double role of UX/UI designer and Graphic designer. As UX designer I talked a lot with the cofounders in order to understand the business, the products and the goals. I took some time to put in place a quite extensive research of the competitors in the area to study their brands, understand the market, identifying any kind of brand and web standard within the sector. 

The Final Product

The final product is an emotional and engaging video commercial, characterised by desaturated colours. The strong contrast between black backgrounds and the white helmet helps to emphasise the dramatic accent.